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Update | March 21, 2024

Please join us in prayer for the two open doors God is opening for Adonai Ministry.


The Lord has opened doors with important institutions such as:


1. Fondo de Empleados de Bancolombia (Bancolombia Employee Provident Fund)

Bancolombia is one the biggest banks in Colombia.


Alexandra visited them to give them a baby bottle and to request secondhand clothes for the boutique. As a result of that meeting, the manager told Alexandra that she very much liked her approach from a preventative point of view. The manager offered that, in April after their General Assembly, they are going to record a promotional video about Foundation Adonai to be sent to all their employees' communication media, inviting them to learn about the work and assistance that Foundation Adonai offers from a preventative perspective, as well as the in-house boutique. Alexandra will be sending them three fundraising baby bottles and some photos. With these, their communication department will create two videos: one for their internal use and another video to give to Alexandra to share on Foundation Adonai's social media. The manager also committed to encourage all employees to donate clothes to the boutique. The average number of employees at the bank is 30,000, so we hope that many of them decide to help Foundation Adonai's ministry and that we can help them in turn.


2. Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA (The National Training Service)

The biggest national public institution holding a legal status, ascribed to the Ministry of Labor of Colombia.


One of Adonai’s Projects is to manufacture clothing for the boutique, but recently the fabric prices have increased. Due to this situation, we are hoping to receive fabric as a donation. 


We can divide this project into two parts:


A.   Creating a textile workshop to manufacture clothes for Foundation Adonai’s boutique using donated fabric and materials.

B.   Creating a maquila: a textile workshop to manufacture clothes for third parties. For example, a clothing factory could give us the fabric and the cuts and in Foundation Adonai’s workshop, we would sew the parts together and receive a payment in exchange. This will help raise funds for ministry operations. The dressmakers would have to be professional ones, not apprentices; they could be mothers who are highly skilled in this line of work. 


The SENA dressmaking and fashion department was visited by Alexandra and she explained the second option to them. They agreed to help Foundation Adonai receive donations of fabric. Once we are manufacturing our own clothes for the boutique and have mastered the art, SENA will recommend customers for the maquila project, as well as train the employees and volunteers for this project. 

The Foundation Adonai dressmaking workshop has two industrial machines (borrowed) and one personal sewing machine (Alexandra's). For this project, we need adequate machines and locations that comply with the requirements of the customers that SENA will bring for the maquila. Specifically, we need an Industrial Sewing Machine Binder and a Plain Sewing Machine Binder.


If this project succeeds, Foundation Adonai could receive approximately 1.5 million pesos per month. This is roughly $385 USD; the currency exchange rates can fluctuate.



Energy generation and marketing company with 19 generation plants in Colombia.

Alexandra also visited the ISAGEN Employee Provident Fund and discovered that they have a foundation called GRANITOS DE AMOR that helps institutions, such as Foundation Adonai, with resources. As part of the funding process, GRANITOS DE AMOR is going to schedule a visit to our facilities. Alexandra shared all of the upcoming projects with them and asked for both of the required machines, plus a tablet for her operational use. We dearly hope that the projects receive approval for this funding and that Foundation Adonai will receive all of the much-needed resources.

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